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2 Tank dive cenote

From: $195.00

Dive in the mystical cenotes, this are underwater rivers that run all over the Yucatan peninsula, we will take you in two completely different dives inside the same cenote.

For the Mayan culture the Cenotes were the entrance to the underworld, do you dare to come in?

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2 Tank local dive for certified

From: $90.00

For the more experienced divers we can go for a dive at 80 ft on the famous C-58, one of the best dives in the Cancun area, then we do a beautiful reef at 55 ft.

Wreck dive 3

Cancun dive 1 Tank for certified

From: $65.00

You can choose from a wreck or a reef, both of them inside the federal protected area, great option for those who don’t have the whole day for a dive.


Manta Valley

From: $2,250.00

Manta Valley is a series of seamounts 60 miles offshore, north of Cancun. Big pelagics gather here along with giant mantas that use the pinnacles as cleaning stations.

Private charter for 1 to 8 divers

musa cancun 1

Scuba diving lesson in Cancun MUSA and reef dive

From: $135.00

This one day program is perfect for those who want a quick easy and safe introduction to scuba diving. We provide the best underwater experience taking you to the word famous underwater museum followed by a second dive in a beautiful reef.

In the scuba diving lesson, you will learn the basic skills for scuba diving guided by our PADI instructors, this is the best way to start your underwater adventure.

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Scuba diving lesson in Cancun plus reef

From: $95.00

Dive in the beautiful underwater museum near Isla Mujeres, then join us on a second tank on manchones reef, both of them inside the federal protected area, beautiful nice and easy dives.